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Stewardship 2022: Given All, Giving All

There came a time at the end of King David’s reign, when he was in a great assembly of the people. Solomon was about to be named the succeeding king.  All were bringing offerings to God. So, David offered a prayer to God that began:

“…Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.”

 I Chronicles 29:14

We have talked of it much over the years at Prince of Peace.  We do not speak of our gifts to God as something we possess and then decide just how much we may give.

No, when it comes to being part of Church, God’s people in Christ Jesus, we thank God for all good gifts. All we have is from the Lord—EVERYTHING. 

So, it is our blessing then to take from what God has given and give to the Lord and to ministries in our Lord’s name.

Over the coming weeks we will consider together how God continues to give throughout our lives. We see such divine generosity in so many ways. 

From the

Environment   to   Relationships   to   Abilities   to   Resources

God has given us so many and varied gifts. Then in the strength of the Lord, we may turn and give boldly, generously, of ourselves to ministries that carry out our Lord’s good news work.

In the weeks ahead we will receive small tasks that will help us recognize God’s good gifts and how we may care for, cultivate, steward them in the Lord’s name.

We begin on Sunday, October 2. In the coming weeks let us ponder together how
…Everything comes from…” our Lord.

Thankfully yours,

Your Stewardship Task Group

Kim Adams, Richard Landeen, Carol Murphy, Pr. Joe