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Welcome to Prince of Peace

Interim Pastor Terry Courter


We are a gathering of God’s people in Christ Jesus who are continually seeking to do those things that are pleasing to the Lord. We believe that baptized in the name of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—we are forgiven and sent out to share and proclaim the love and salvation of God in Christ Jesus.

What that means for our life together here at PoP is that we worship regularly, grounded in God’s written word and the sacraments. We believe that the study of the scriptures and prayer are foundational for our work in faith. We make time to be with one another, confident that God’s Spirit inspires us to encourage one another. That same Spirit leads us to invite friends and acquaintances to take part in a variety of ministries and activities. Following the lead of our Lord Jesus, we seek to serve here and throughout the community in agencies, schools, hospitals and our workplaces. As we do so, we give freely of what God has given us—our lives! God gives each of us spiritual gifts and abilities, time and monies. And in the power of the Spirit, we give.

Thanks be to God, we are blessed to serve our Lord in and from this place. We welcome you to come and take part in any ministries here and to share the joy of serving together in Christ Jesus.