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Prince of Peace Preschool Staff

Keri Lucas, Preschool Director – Klucas@poplargo.org

Keri formerly taught VPK at Prince of Peace before moving up into the director’s role. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Education and has been working with children for over 10 years. She considers making a difference in education her life’s purpose. Keri is a great testament to living according to God’s will and she incorporates that into all that she does while working at PoP. She has two children of her own that she enjoys to teach, love and laugh with.

Deb Marshall, VPK Teacher

With 17 years of experience, Deb brings an air of excitement and creativity to PoP’s preschoolers. “I teach because I love to see the children learn new things.” Deb is always kind and considerate and uses that approach to engage our little ones in learning. Her experience helps to create a platform for preschoolers to emerge.

La’Quanda Kinglock, Older 3’s teacher

La’Quanda received her National CDA in the preschool setting. She has enjoyed helping shape young children’s minds for 13 years. She is extremely patient, compassionate, and loves seeing children grow. Her philosophy on teaching is that every child learns differently and it is her goal to find ways to help each child to be successful. She is excited to continue her career here at Prince of Peace Preschool.

Stacy Hasse, 2’s Teacher

Stacy is from Chicago, Illinois, has three beautiful children, and six precious grandchildren. She have been teaching since 1995 and has taught all preschool ages, along with special needs and school-age children, as a group leader and assistant director for before and after school care. Her heart has always been fulfilled as a two year old teacher! She believes that age is magical. She strives to make a difference in the lives of children by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment that encourages their own individual ways of learning. Each child is different and they learn in a variety of ways. She feels blessed to be able to teach about God, kindness, and respecting others, while providing the tools to help our children become successful in all areas. Her heart is full when she is able to teach, play on the floor, get messy, giggle out loud, and provide constant encouragement.

Barbara Holm, 2’s Assistant

Barbara’s teaching style helps our children accomplish productivity in a loving, supporting manner. Barbara has received an above-average rating from the Early Learning Coalition; her caring approach to education and nurturing is used as a model to other teachers within the Coalition.

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