Wednesdays Together

Wednesdays Together Resumes January 9th!

Make plans to join us – supper is served weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30pm ($2.50/child, $5.00/adult). Sign up with the form below, via Sunday’s upcoming attendance cards, or by calling the Church Office: 727.585.9969

Note: We’re looking for a few cooks and kitchen helpers. Contact Faye if you can lend a “helping hand!” (727.585.9969). Get an overview of Wednesday classes & topics together here.

About Wednesdays Together

It all started nearly 27 years ago as a trial run to support our Wednesday Evening Confirmation, the Alleluia Children’s Choir, and our adult class. Prince of Peace staff organized the first dinner, set the table, served spaghetti and even washed the dishes! We hoped to serve a little more than 25 people and ended up serving nearly 60!

Our trial event has turned into a ministry of family, friendship, fellowship and Christian education. But it’s YOU – our volunteers – who have served and continue to serve this ministry to make it all possible. Thanks be to God!

Wednesdays Together is a marvelous time of fellowship with opportunities for learning and growth in faith. During our regular season, supper is served weekly at 5:30pm. During Lent, supper is served at 5:15pm. During the summer months we meet in the park for fellowship & fun!

RSVP for Wednesdays Together Supper, Fellowship & Classes!

Reservations can also be made by calling the church office at 727.585.9969 or filling out the attendance card during Sunday Worship. Bring your family, invite friends, and share in fellowship! Child’s Meal $2.50 | Adult’s Meal $5.00

View Current Class Schedule

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