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Go and Do Likewise

Save the Date – March 2, 2024

Go and Do Likewise is our annual congregation wide service weekend where teams of volunteers help many organizations in our community. These include painting, landscaping, singing, food sorting, and many others. Some of the projects even go global such as our quilting which goes to Lutheran World Relief. Thanks to the generous contribution of Thrivant Financial, we are able to provide supplies such as paint, landscaping supplies, toiletries for the homeless, and other items. The video below is from one our recent Go and Do Likewise weekends

BE—The One God Has Made You To Be

March 11, 2023

Our theme for Lent this year is “be the one God has made you to be.” God calls each of us to use our gifts to serve and care for our neighbor. We invite you to serve your neighbor at our annual Go and Do Likewise that will take place Saturday March 11, meeting at the church at 8:30am. We invite you to serve and join forces to help nonprofits in our community. We make quilts, sort food at food banks, rake leaves, pack hygiene kits, pray, prepare snack bags, lay sod for landscaping, and anything else that is helpful! You can serve at the church to do God’s work for those in need, or you can work on-site at agencies. Here are some of the projects where we will be serving:
In the Community
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – interior light work inside the house
SHEPHERD CENTER sorting and organizing food for people with food insecurities
RESTORE HABITAT FOR HUMANITY- sorting and organizing products
LIGHTHOUSE OF PINELLAS FOR THE BLIND- painting curbs in parking lot
KIMBERLY HOME landscaping
At Prince of Peace
POP QUILT BLANKETS tie quilts for Lutheran World Relief
POP BOOK MARKS & CARDS- Making cards for people living at Lutheran Apartments/Residences
POP SNACK BAGS Making snack/activity bags for seniors living at Lutheran Apartments in St Pete
POP SHOWER KITS Making shower kits for people experiencing homelessness for the Shepherd Center
POP FOOD BOXES Putting together food bags, Rez House will give to people with food insecurities
POP MATTHEW KITS Making hygiene and food kits for people experiencing homelessness
POP BURP CLOTHS- cutting and pinning fabric and others will sew burp cloths together (no experience required) benefiting Angels Against Abuse and CASA
Special Note: All instances of “PoP” means that the project is on location at the church. 

Go and Do Likewise recap

Prince of Peace members and friends heeded Christ’s call to service to Go & Do Likewise. Through the giving of ourselves to God’s work, we were able to reach God’s people in several ways! We saw God in the spirit of the volunteers and in the faces and hearts of the people we encountered. Take a peek of our video recap, as we reflect on our experience together.