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Sunday Worship 8:45 and 11am

Worship Online at Noon

Wednesdays in Lent

Responsive Prayer at Noon
Evening Prayer at 7pm

During Lent our Wednesday prayer times will focus upon the wilderness times we all experience. How do we survive these times? How are we able to make our way through them? As we emerge from these times, what will accompany us in days ahead? And where is God in all this? Let’s open our hearts in these Lenten days to all the possibilities of God with us.
February 17 Walking in the Wilderness
February 24 Tears
March 3 Trust
March 10 Prayer
March 17 Peace, Love
March 24 Hope

Sunday Worship Schedule

Sunday In-person worship is at 8:45 and 11am 

Online worship will continue to be posted on Sundays by noon. We will continue to offer Holy Communion from 2:00 to 2:10 PM beside the Learning Center on Sunday afternoons for all who wish to receive.

Take Ten

The prayer we call the Lord’s Prayer came in response to the disciples’ asking our Lord to teach them how to pray. We use these words when we are together and when we are alone. They guide our conversations with the Lord. Let’s Take Ten to turn aside and ponder each petition of this prayer and how it may influence our daily prayers. We explore, as well, hymns that are inspired by these petitions given us by our Lord.