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Take Ten

Below is a collection of YouTube playlists that contain the weekly installments of Take Ten.
Take Ten episodes feature a brief lesson and music from Pastor Joe Glymph and Parish Musician Dr. Shawn Thomas.

Take Ten: The Lord’s Prayer

The prayer we call the Lord’s Prayer came in response to the disciples’ asking our Lord to teach them how to pray. We use these words when we are together and when we are alone. They guide our conversations with the Lord. Let’s Take Ten to turn aside and ponder each petition of this prayer and how it may influence our daily prayers. We explore, as well, hymns that are inspired by these petitions given us by our Lord.

Take Ten: Advent Hymns

Make no mistake, God has blessed us with composers and writers inspired by the Holy Spirit. With melodies and words that stir our hearts, they have helped us learn and grow in our understanding of the Lord our God. We explore the songs of Advent and ponder the themes of this hope-filled season.

Take Ten: The Gospel Writers

Mark wasn’t one of the disciples. Neither was Luke. How did they know what to write? Scholars often have considered many clues in their investigations into the authorship of the books that we look to for the good news of Christ. Let’s Take Ten to ponder WHO were these fellows?

Take Ten: Skimming the Surface of Worship

Take Ten Skimming the Surface of Worship takes a look at why we worship the way we do. Each week we consider a different element of our worship. Why do we have prayer of confession? How do prayers and musical settings reflect the season? What makes a song a Hymn of the Day? Are we doing the “same ol’ thing” every week?lows?

Take Ten: The Hymns of Easter

Ten minute segments journeying through beautiful Easter hymns. They are exploring the music, words, images and biblical references of hymns that we sing to celebrate the season.

Take Ten: Festivals of the Church

Take Ten: Festivals of the Church visits major and minor festival days, where we discover their roots, scriptural foundation, and musical connections.