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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Jan. 24

For many years, congregations from this part of Pinellas County have gathered on this week to observe the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It falls between the observance days of the Confession of Peter [January 18] and the Conversion of Paul [January 25]. It is our honor to host this event in 2019.

We will worship together with brothers and sisters in Christ from many different congregations. There will be a joint choir to support our song. Kirk Ray Smith, President/CEO of Religious Community Services will be our speaker. Join us for this special time of worship.

Service of Christian Unity

November 8 at 6:30pm, Christians from our community will gather together at Oakhurst United Methodist Church at 13400 Park Boulevard Seminole, FL for a time of prayer and worship. Following all of the publicity and division that happens during election seasons, this will be a time free from political language, division, and anxiety as we focus on the prayer of Jesus that all of His followers might be one.

Join us for a time of healing, a time of rejoicing that Jesus is Lord, and a time of focusing once again on seeking God’s kingdom and will here on earth.

(Please no partisan political conversation, representation, or manifestations during this time of worship.)