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Where have we been… Here we go!

We are stepping into September, the last third of 2018, and MY, how we have been places! Don’t believe it? Just ask our youth. At our Rally Day Sunday they told us of their moving experiences at the National Youth Gathering in Houston. Other younger friends had stories to tell about camp experiences at Luther Springs and Lutheridge.

We can also look back and see the 85+ children inspired at Vacation Bible School with the youth and adult leaders helping to guide the way. We see that Ruth’s Promise is now caring for our older friends two days per week and giving their loved ones a much-needed respite from the full-time attention they provide daily.

But now we have arrived on the front doorstep of autumn when it still feels LOTS like summer. The new Preschool year has begun with more children attending than ever before.

New learning opportunities for adults provide times of conversation and study. In fact, both Wednesdays and Sundays are beginning with discussions about how we welcome folk to our life together in Christ and how we talk about the faith.

Check this newsletter and a new publication in the Sunday morning kiosk for more descriptions of all our offerings this fall.

Often it seems we live in a culture that wants to pull us apart rather than draw us together. Yet, we are a people – the church – of the One who has “overcome the world” (John 16).  And, indeed, in Him we are one body.

What a blessed story to tell and gift to share with friends each day! Borrowing from the Ephesians passages that we heard in worship several weeks ago, hear again Paul’s encouragement that we make “the most of the time” as Jesus’ followers each day of our lives.

Prayer Around the Cross: September 19th

September 19th at 7:07PM

What a blessed time of prayer at the end of the day. We gather in the sanctuary literally around a cross and sing, pray, listen for God’s Word in scripture and sit in contemplative silence.

We pray for our world and for friends in need, for strangers and for our work as God’s people here.

As we do, we light candles and place them around the cross as a way of helping us recall those for whom we pray and the One in whose name we gather. It is a peaceful way of ending a busy day, as we gather with brothers and sisters to sit before our Lord in prayer.

Invite a friend and come to this brief time of worship.

Threshers Baseball & Fireworks – July 3

Threshers Baseball & Fireworks

$15 | 6pm – Meet at the Fountain at Spectrum Field
It’s time for our annual trip to the baseball game, followed by a wonderful fireworks show! Enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. There’s also a great playground to keep the little ones busy. Join the fun, and sign up below! For more information, contact Faye in the Church Office: 727.585.9969.

Sign up for the Threshers game below!

All Saints’ Day

It was this festival day of the church—All Saints’ Day, November 1—which prompted Luther to post his words of protest on October 31.  He knew that people would be streaming through the church door the next day and would read his words.

We will observe All Saints’ Day on Sunday, November 5. It is a day in our life together when we recognize all of the saints who have gone before us—all who now rest in our Lord.  Washed into our Lord’s Church, we may live confident of the grace, mercy and power given us to live in faith through all the world throws at us.  It is also a day to praise God for the new saints among us, baptized just this past year. Let us worship together in the joy of celebrating our “sainthood” in Christ!

Learn more about Prince of Peace’s schedule of worship here

No Time Like the Present

The afterglow of a strong time of serving our Lord together can be especially warming. Each year I hear stories from folk about our Health and Safety Fair and other large serving events that stir my heart. This year I have heard from several youth about their experiences over the summer with Matthew, Monday, Mission, Meal [not sure if that’s the exact name, but you know what I mean].

The excitement and exhaustion that comes from serving together, worshiping together, being together in Christ our Lord inspires us all.

What about asking someone to be a part of it all with you…us? 

So many opportunities in the months ahead! Just check the newsletter. Special worship times together as we Pray Around the Cross September 13. Women, join other women in retreat September 30. Be a part of the fun when we ‘Guess’ Who’s Coming to Dinner October 7.

October 31 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing 95 Theses to the church door—what we observe as the beginning of the Reformation. In adult learning times on Wednesdays and Sundays, we are witnessing how this reformation took more than Luther. Courageous individuals from many different countries called for change. Come see!

Our middle school youth will be learning more about reformation in retreat with youth from all over the Synod later in October.

All of these opportunities and many more [from choirs to quilt tying to…] are not just for those who call themselves members of PoP. They are for everyone, just like worship on Sunday morning – for everyone. Bring a friend. Tell others about how we are trying to live as God’s people in Christ. As our Lord’s friends said to their friends about Jesus, “Come and see!”

PoPTARTS Visit Pinellas Chocolate Company

Friday, May 19, 2017 | $5 per person | 10:15am meet at PoP

We’ll first meet at Prince of Peace, then we’ll head over to the Pinellas Chocolate Company (10550 72nd Street N, #504 in Largo). The tour will show how chocolate goes from bean to bar! All the chocolate is made in the Largo kitchen with high quality cocoa beans and a proprietary system. We’ll get to view the complete process: from roasting to refining and from tempering to molding!

The cost includes free chocolate (you may purchase more, if you wish)! Afterwards we’ll go to the nearby Applebee’s at Bardmoor Promenade for lunch. Sign up by May 17th!

PoPTARTS Make “History”

Tampa Bay History CenterThe PoPTARTS will venture to the Tampa Bay History Center, located next to Amalie Arena where the Tampa Bay Lightning plays. We’ll explore Tampa’s roots, tour the facility and view wonderful displays! Admission for seniors is $12. We’ll break bread for lunch at the Columbian Deli, located right there in the History Center.

Interested? Sign up below or contact Faye Belskey in the Church Office: 727.585.9969.

Adult Talent Show: A Mediterranean Cruise

November 14th | 5:00pm-9:00pm | Tickets $10

Adult Talent ShowLet your talent shine in our annual adult talent show! We welcome singers, dancers, comics, dramatists and all performers for the Talent Show! Painters, crafters, quilters, writers, photographers and visual artists should join our Artist’s Gallery.

Contact Rick & Debbie Christie: 727.599.9990 or msdebbiec@verizon.net