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Welcome to The Learning Center

The Learning Center

The official dedication of our new Learning Center took place on September 18, 2016!

Each week is a time of worship and celebration. Christ is risen indeed! But there are other moments when we are blessed to continue the prayers of thanksgiving in a unique way.

Here’s How We Celebrated in Thanksgiving to God!

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Following the dedication, many joined as we went to the Learning Center for prayers with water from the baptismal font, even as we did at the groundbreaking. Many of us also took the opportunity to write our own prayers in a special way at the door of the Learning Center.

The God of grace and mercy has blessed us in so many ways. What a blessed day!

Read past news updates about the new Learning Center here!

-Pastor Joe-

The Learning Center Dedication Set for Fall 2016!

The Learning Center

The official dedication of our new Learning Center will take place in the Fall of 2016! We hope to have the certificate of occupancy from the City of Largo by the end of April. However, because the 2015-16 school year ends in early June, moving would not be wise. Nor would it be possible to move the furniture and materials and to prepare for Vacation Bible School by June 20.

Our Preschool has a summer camp for children throughout the summer, so when we make the move, we will need to do it very quickly. The moving date from what will be the Community Outreach Center (COC) will be Friday-Sunday, July 8-10. You will hear more about that project later.

The Learning CenterAnd speaking of later, the dedication of the Learning Center will be a day of celebration for us and, we hope, for the whole community. In order to prepare for a celebratory day, we need time to ensure that our rooms and hallways are complete with all bulletin boards and white boards, screens, cubbies and much more. We also need to prepare materials and extend invitations to all our friends to join us for this day.

Once details are finalized we will publish details. Along the way if you want to walk through to see the progress, there will be opportunities. Please do so. God has indeed blessed us with so many opportunities to serve in the name of Christ. The future (and to be sure, the Lord is in the future) will bring many more. Let us pray and open ourselves to the Spirit’s leading.

-Pastor Joe-

Health & Safety Fair Planning Meeting

Health & Safety Fair 2015

Our first Planning Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 2nd. If you’re interested, join our planning team and bring your best ideas for our big event! We have a chair waiting for you!

Have an idea, but don’t want to join the team? Then, let us know! Contact Faye or Jane in the Church Office: 727.585.9969.

With summer mere moments away, it’s that time of year when we begin to plan for our Annual Children’s Health & Safety Fair. There is no charge to attend the Health and Safety Fair, and we’ll have lots of giveaways! You can expect healthy good-for-you snacks, free school physicals, parks and arts, information on after school programs, and so much more! Put it on your calendar, and save the date now!

The New Learning Center

And now that the parking lot is beginning to look like its new normal, you may also be wondering about the new Learning Center (LC). By the time you receive this newsletter, the LC will be very close to completion. Of course, the City will weigh in with inspections, and we don’t know how long that will take.

But since school isn’t out until June 7th and Vacation Bible School begins June 20th, we may not be able to make the move from the Community Outreach Center (COC) to the LC until July. And there are many more issues to consider as we plan some refurbishing work for the COC.

A Transition Task Group with several teams will now oversee the transition of our campus when the construction process is complete. Former Council president, Charlie Salemi, will lead this effort with the help of MANY of us along the way. Our goals are to make the transition of children’s ministries from one building to the other; landscape the old playground area to be a welcoming center of the campus; and to carry out much needed cosmetic refurbishment to the COC.

THANK YOU for all your patience and encouragement as we have watched our God-given resources transformed before our eyes. We do not yet have a date for dedication, but we will make sure EVERYONE knows as soon as we are able to set that time.

Celebrate/Build – February 2016

Well on our way!

On Sunday, February 21st just after an afternoon workshop, the Congregation Council and staff walked through the new Learning Center. Metal studs framed the classrooms, breaker boxes are mounted. LOTS of insulation covers the roof with even more on the way. Duct work runs from one end to the other. Between worship times on that morning, the whole congregation wrote prayers and passages on sheet rock that will be mounted in the interior very soon.

Once the good folk of Reno Building were turned loose by the City of Largo late November, the construction effort took off. In a meeting with the City we were able to obtain some concessions for the numbers of bicycle racks and some landscaping required. Regardless, we still are being required to do much more to our campus that originally thought. Still, though, we are excited about what is coming.

Capital Appeal Update

What blessings God gives! While we do not yet have a completion date, we are excited to see the progress and look forward to that time. As soon as we have a date, we will publicize a time of gathering for dedication. Let us continue in our prayers for workers’ safety, for wisdom in our decision-making at each step of the way and for discernment of God’s guiding Spirit in all things – that ALL we do, be to the glory of God.

C-B Visual_Feb16

Thanks be to God for all of the gifts that have been making this work happen! Many of us have completed our pledges.

Some of us are still giving each week and month and will continue for some time. Each gift allows us to meet and even to exceed our goal, and so lower our costs in the future. Thank you.

PoP Welcomes New Preschool Director, Kelly Mende

PoP-15-KelleyWith the majority of her career spent in early childhood education, our new Preschool Director Kelly Mende has 27 years of experience in the field of education. Kelly holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education and is also certified in Elementary Education and School Guidance and Counseling.

“I love children, and I cherish the memories and relationships that I formed with my students, their parents and peers.”

Kelly is focused on the bigger picture: using the gifts she was given to lead others while sharing her knowledge and experiences with those who teach at Prince of Peace Preschool. “I am confident that this new position was a part of a bigger plan: God’s plan. I am thrilled to begin the second half of my career where I’ll be allowed to share the love of God with His children.” As we look ahead to the future, the growth of our Preschool and the addition of our new Learning Center set for completion in the spring, we welcome Kelly’s experience and vigor to continue the work that God has begun!