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50 Days of Easter: The Power of Our Lord’s Resurrection

We have just emerged from Holy Week into the joyous light of Easter. It is a 50-day season, that continues to impress upon us what it means to Be Church.

…the butterflies covering the narthex cross witness to the visits, cards, calls made to friends in past weeks

…the flowers from Easter Sunday that we deliver to those who are in particular need and the visits that touch hearts

…a Wednesday gathering that explores how we can share the good news of our Lord with friends who may not care much for Church

…the joy of a wedding long awaited

…worship together on Sundays and Prayer around the Cross on Wednesdays

…looking forward with great anticipation, as we serve in a variety of ways in the community and prepare with excitement for opportunities in the near future.

In the power of our Lord’s resurrection, we know life wins. Death is defeated.  And we are blessed to live as Jesus’ people, as Church.

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A Month of Easter: The Stage for What’s to Come

With Pentecost not coming until June 4, May brings us a month of Easter.  Tracing the movement of our Lord and his followers through Holy Week always opens us to the Spirit’s inspiration.

And we come away with so many memories as well – an archway of palms for procession; everything solemnly being removed from the chancel; the large cross laid across the steps and the slowly dimming light; entering that darkened place with handheld candles and then celebrating the baptism of our newest little sister; brass, timpani and joyful anthems for Easter Sunday. What a week!

Many folk have asked me about the busiest season being over, as in, “now what do you do?” Frankly, now we enter a different “busy.”  There are graduations for some of our youth and the end of school for all.

Here at the church our summer intern arrives, and there’s the golf tournament for youth scholarships and fun. We will observe Prayer around the Cross once again and hold another Inquirers’ Class.

But May serves as a staging month for what’s coming. Vacation Bible School, with all of the singing, learning, crafts, games and fun arrives in June.  We need to get ready! We are already looking to August and our Health and Safety Fair.

The staff has already begun planning for 2017-18. We also will be firing up some task groups for planning adult learning opportunities and our stewardship emphasis. And, finally, we will be looking toward the fall as we observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October.

Before we pat ourselves on the back for being so busy, remember May is a month of Easter. Undergirding all that we do, inspiring all that we are and hope to be is the reality that God has raised our Lord, Jesus the Christ, from death to life for all the world. Sure, we are busy. But this is May…Easter – a time to ponder God’s blessed gift for us. A time for shouting an age-old greeting:

“Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!”