Worship Schedule

The mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is to proclaim and share the good news of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ. We invite you to fellowship with us through worship and service.

Season of Pentecost Schedule of Worship

Sundays of Pentecost | 8:45am & 11:00am

Pentecost | Sunday, May 20th
On the fiftieth day of Easter, we celebrate the Spirit, through whom and in whom the people of God are created and re-created – with talk of fire, wind, and Jesus’ followers speaking in all manner of languages not their own.

May 20 is our Pentecost day this year – a major festival of our Lord’s Church.  Some call it the birthday of the Church. Regardless, it is a day to revel in the power and might of God. A day to recognize and appreciate this mighty gift of our Lord’s own self for us. A day to hear yet again, we have a story to tell, and we need to be telling it with all of the abilities the Holy Spirit gives.

The Second Sunday after Pentecost begins what is often referred to as the long green season of the Church year (note the green color in the sanctuary). With the major cycles of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost behind us, we begin a period of exploring in scripture this faith into which we are baptized.

The Festival of the Holy Trinity | Sunday, May 27th
Let us worship even as we ponder the mysteries of our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity, a lesser festival of the Church, always comes on the Sunday following Pentecost. After the swirling and charged day of Holy Spirit, we arrive at a day that has no direct tie to scripture. The Holy Trinity is a day that draws before us the wonder of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Of all things, The Holy Trinity reminds us of the majesty of God. We turn aside on this day very intentionally to contemplate how God can be One, and yet we experience the Almighty as Three!

Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday at 8:45am and 11:00am. We affirm our Lord’s presence in, with and under each element of the Sacrament. All baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord’s table.

Also enjoy:

  • Childcare provided on Sunday morning
  • Sound enhancement for hearing impaired
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Large Print worship materials
  • Music
  • Weekly Scripture Readings
  • Education for all ages at 10:00 a.m.