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Returning to Worship October 4th

September 22, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Sunday, October 4 at 8:45 AM and 11 AM, we will offer in-person worship at Prince of Peace.  The Congregation Council approved an approach brought to them from the staff at the September 21 meeting.
While we understand that there are many who prefer to remain home for a while longer, we believe that the statistics in our community allow us to begin assembling together.  Of course, we will do so with caution and consideration for all that medical sources tell us.
Soon we will publish a video that will describe just how we will approach in-person worship when we begin.  Please watch the video so that you will be informed about the changes.  Of course, we all realize that if we are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, we should remain at home.  Below is a very brief summary of significant adjustments to our usual approach to worship.

  • Worshippers:
    • We sit only in marked spaces
    • Masks are required
    • We sit during hymns, following along or singing softly; we stand for prayers, gospel reading.
    • Prior to worship all sit quietly without moving about the sanctuary.
    • At end of worship, we dismiss led by ushers to closest door or starting at back row
  • During Holy Communion:
    • There will be stations at rear and chancel.
    • We will commune ONE SIDE at a time—first the choir side, then the other side, to avoid gathering in aisle.
    • Pastors will wear masks and gloves.
    • We receive bread in hands and return to our seat, where we remove our masks and consume the bread.
  • Recording will continue:
    • We will publish worship as soon as we are able, however now that we are beginning at 8:45 with a longer service, the recording will arrive later.
    • We will continue for a while communing folk in the parking lot from 2 PM to 2:30 PM.

We realize that in the event there is another spike in virus cases locally, we may need to revert to worshipping at a distance.  However, we believe it is good for us to attempt to resume being together around Word and Sacrament in-person as we are able.  Regardless, where we worship, we affirm together what scripture teaches—our unity exists, not by what we do or say, but solely in Jesus the Christ, who was crucified and raised for us and all the world.
Let us continue to pray for one another and for all who are working and researching to keep us safe now and in the future.

In Christ our Lord,