??Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner??

February 16, Saturday Evening at 6PM

A fun evening of delicious food, delightful conversation and a room full of “mystery guests!” Everyone who signs up (singles & couples!) will be paired with 4 to 6 other people for a dinner party.

Be a Host, Be the Cook or be a Guest!

The Twist | You won’t know who’s ‘coming to dinner’ until everyone shows up at the hosts home – not even the host! You’ll receive directions, info on the main course, and the number to prepare for. Sign up by February 10th at the red & white checked box, at poplargo.org, or by contacting Faye: 727.585.9969, faye@poplargo.org.

Go & Do Likewise Weekend 2019

Save the date – Friday & Saturday, March 15th & 16th!

Each year the wonderful people of Prince of Peace join forces to help those in our community who help others. We cook, clean, care, perform, paint, rake, pray and anything else that is helpful. You can stay right here at the church to do God’s work for those in need, or you can work on-site at agencies like Kimberly Home, Clearwater Free Clinic, Pinellas Hope, Clothes to Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Lighthouse for the Blind and many more.

Work an hour to two or the whole weekend. Have fun and make friends – more than 150 of our members help out each year.

Questions? Contact a team leader – Faye, 727.585.9969 (faye@poplargo.org) OR Pam, 727.709.3668 (pkeehni@aol.com).

PoP’s Pork Picnic Cook-off: February 24, 2019

Devotion at 1PM | Food Served at 1:30PM

Games, fun & fellowship for all ages. Can you cook a good rib? How about some pulled pork? Consider entering our cook-off! Competitors will prepare their own Pork product (ribs, BBQ, etc…PoP will provide a set amount for each to cook). The winner will receive a PoP Pork Picnic trophy! Bring a side dish or dessert to share – let’s gather at: Eagle Lake Park, 1800 Keene Road, Shelter #6.

LifeKeys Discovery Workshop

February 8-9, 2019 in the Parish Hall

Save the date and join this weekend retreat! Explore a multi-faceted approach to the best ways to add meaning and purpose to your life. This workshop utilizes the materials of LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are, a comprehensive resource for understanding your gifts and using the information for transitions to first careers, fulfilling volunteer opportunities, mid-life changes, and retirement. This resource is for those who may ask, “What gifts do I have?” or “What’s next for me?”

At the workshop, you’ll use valuable exercises from the workbook to clarify who you are through five different lenses: Personality Type, Preference, Spiritual Gifts, Values, and Passions. Friends, family and community members are most welcome – this experience is appropriate for high school students to retirees.

Friday Workshop (6pm-9pm, includes light supper)
Saturday Workshop (8:30am-3:30pm, includes breakfast & lunch)

A registration fee of $10 includes the LifeKeys workbook. Donations are requested for the cost of meals and snacks. Scholarships and childcare are available. For more information, contact Faye: 727.585.9969, faye@poplargo.org OR visit www.poplargo.org

Prayer Around the Cross: February 13 at 7:07PM

Prayer Around the Cross is a brief time in the middle of our noisy, busy weeks to enter a quiet moment of prayer, song and scripture with all the brothers and sisters. We sit and listen together, voicing our own prayers in silence, while the pastors summon prayers for us all.

During our time together, friends rise and light candles, placing them around a cross laid across the chancel steps as they bring loved ones before the Lord.

Join us on this special evening, after our meal and classes, as we end the day together in prayer.

Freedom Bound Together

This piece comes to you on the heels of a busy week here at PoP. We welcomed Katie Elkin, a young woman who participated in the ELCA’s ministry, Young Adults in Global Mission, and taught English with children in Madagascar for a year. We also greeted Dr. Dennis & Paula Lofstrum, who have given their lives to the health care of countless people in Tanzania. We listened as they shared some of their experiences and the progress of building that nation’s first pediatric hospital.

Then we hosted the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity time of worship with choirs of three congregations supporting our song and with the preaching of Kirk Smith, President of Religious Community Services. Among many words of encouragement, Kirk shared with us this reminder that he rooted in Romans 6 – “there is freedom in our unity in Jesus.”

The Romans passages tell of our being bound to our Lord’s death and resurrection through baptism’s waters. Normally, if we say we are bound to something, the connotation is that we are restricted in some way, prevented from what WE want to do. But bound together in our Lord, baptized and so forgiven, rooted in his mercy, we know a freedom that opens us to look with kindness, mercy, grace and understanding on those around us—whatever our differences might be.

We speak often in worship of this unity in our Lord and of our freedom. The Spirit draws us together and so empowers us to serve the Lord through others in far-flung places and with our own hands right here at home, next door, with neighbor and acquaintance.

And this month God blesses us with opportunities to celebrate this unity in other ways, like sharing “pork” cooked out at the park or breaking bread with “who knows” on our “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” night. Being bound together, free in Christ, brings times of celebration and laughter as well as serving.

Worship, learning, serving our Lord, giving outside ourselves, breaking bread—it’s all a part of being God’s own. There IS freedom in our unity in Jesus!

Winter Resident Welcome Brunch 2018

January 15 at 10AM in the Parish Hall

Get settled in – there’s so much for you to explore! Renew old friendships, then meet and greet a few new folks, too! In order to help you get a bit more comfy, we’ve planned a Welcome Brunch just for you! Stay up-to-date on fellowship and volunteer opportunities via Sunday worship bulletins, monthly newsletters, and digital emails!

Be sure to sign up to attend below (or via Sunday attendance cards)!

Reservations can also be made by calling the church office at 727.585.9969 or filling out the attendance card during Sunday Worship.

Young Adult in Global Mission

Katie Elkin – Sunday, January 20 at 10AM

Join Katie Elkin, a recently returned ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) volunteer, for a presentation and conversation during the Sunday School hour.

The YAGM program invites young adults ages 21-29 into a year of international service with ELCA companion churches in 14 different countries. Katie served in Farafangana, Madagascar and taught English at three Lutheran schools – a primary school, a high school, and a school for visually impaired students. While in Farafangana, Katie enjoyed living in community with her global siblings and singing in her church’s choir!

Katie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017 with degrees in Biology and Psychology. She is currently serving as a Campaign Interpreter for “Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA” and is excited to have the opportunity to share her stories of accompaniment from the past year with Prince of Peace!

Zinga Pediatric Hospital – Tanzania (East Africa)

During Wednesdays Together on January 23, Dr. Denny and Paula Lofstrom will be here to talk about an exciting project in Tanzania. The Lofstroms helped develop the effort and have been actively involved for many years. Zinga is the first stand-alone pediatric hospital in Tanzania. Its aim is to provide specialized pediatric care in a country where 22 million children are under the age of 15 (around 45% of the total population), and for whom these services were unavailable until now.

The project is under the auspices of International Health Partners, a non-governmental non-profit organization formed by the Lofstroms to facilitate partnerships from all over the world with Tanzania to improve health care. In their heart-felt presentation, Denny and Paula will talk about the needs of the Tanzanian people and their own spiritual, mental, professional and geographic journey which has sustained them and brought them to opening The Children’s Hospital at Zinga and keeps them moving forward.

Along with education and inspiration, the Lofstroms will also bring Tanzanian handicrafts to admire. You may consider purchasing them as a way of raising funds in support of the facility. Thanks to Pr. Dick and Pam Landeen for arranging for the Lofstroms to be with us.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Jan. 24

For many years, congregations from this part of Pinellas County have gathered on this week to observe the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It falls between the observance days of the Confession of Peter [January 18] and the Conversion of Paul [January 25]. It is our honor to host this event in 2019.

We will worship together with brothers and sisters in Christ from many different congregations. There will be a joint choir to support our song. Kirk Ray Smith, President/CEO of Religious Community Services will be our speaker. Join us for this special time of worship.