Sunday & Wednesday Classes

Sundays During the Education Hour

We are continuing with our Wired Word class during the Sundays of Easter. Each week, we take a different topic of the day – artificial intelligence, the false alarm in Hawaii, even the calendar and how we understand time. We explore these topics and how they affect our lives, as we view the issues through scripture’s lens. We consider these contemporary issues even as we grow in our understanding of what God is teaching us today. Join in the conversation. There will be a variety of leaders.

Wednesdays: The Reason for God

The name of this series comes from the book authored by Pastor Timothy Keller. Keller asks and responds to a number of questions which we will explore even as we eavesdrop on his conversations with a group of non-Christians. Their comments and his responses are revealing and will stir up our own conversation, as we consider how scripture can inform us. We will ponder such questions as, “Isn’t the Bible a myth? How can you say there is only one way to God? What gives you the right to tell me how to live my life?” See you on Wednesday evenings!

Four Conversations Parenting Class

6:15PM Wednesdays in the Care Room (Parish Hall)

We will explore how our faith as parents informs the conversations that we have with our children on these topics.

Parents of all school-aged children (or younger) are welcome to attend. The age-specific guide will help to structure the conversation as we share parenting experiences and set goals.

Series Topics by Week:

Week 1: April 04 – Introduction

Week 2: April 11 – Authentic Faith

Week 3: April 25 – Healthy Habits

Week 4: May 2 – Sexual Integrity

Week 5: May 9 – Technological Responsibility


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