Thank you for sharing your gifts of time talent and treasure at Prince of Peace! There are many ways to give money to the congregation. We hope that in these pages, you will find some guidance. Read more here about the current year’s stewardship emphasis.

The maturing disciple knows that everything belongs to God; we are merely caretakers and managers. In response to God’s touch in our lives, we offer ourselves joyfully to others: our time, our talent and our financial treasures. God has blessed us abundantly, providing us “with food and clothing, home and family, daily work, and all I need from day to day” (Luther’s Small Catechism). In and through our baptism we receive and discover our spiritual gifts. The growing disciple finds ways to unpack and use those gifts for the sake of Jesus, the church and the world. Knowing God has entrusted us with abilities and goods we ask, “How can we use these resources to love God?” Thus we do not waste time striving to be rich in things, but to be rich in love. The maturing disciple is also maturing in financial stewardship, understands the biblical concept of the tithe and is growing in sacrificial and joyful giving toward and beyond a ten percent response in all areas of life.
(Excerpt from “Living Faith – An ELCA-Wide Call to Discipleship)

You have many giving options to choose from. In addition to giving locally to Prince of Peace, two other options that are frequently utilized are the Lutheran Community Foundation and the ELCA Foundation.