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At Prince of Peace we speak often of our selves as disciples—followers—of Jesus. We believe that scripture teaches a way of living for disciples of our Lord that consists of worship, prayer, study, encouraging, inviting, serving and giving.

Because God has blessed us, we may give regularly of our time, abilities and possessions. And we do so not out of guilt or obligation, but out of a desire to worship and honor our Lord.

We recognize that even as we receive skills to be creative in all other aspects of our life in Christ, we may also be creative in our giving. Below is information compiled for your benefit to help you consider prayerfully how you may give to the ministries of our Lord through your estate.

While we do not presume to give advice in matters of such legal or financial complexity, we encourage you to consult individuals with expertise to provide the assistance you need. As in all matters seek God’s guidance in prayer even as you engage financial counsel and plan for the future.