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During Wednesdays Together on January 23, Dr. Denny and Paula Lofstrom will be here to talk about an exciting project in Tanzania. The Lofstroms helped develop the effort and have been actively involved for many years. Zinga is the first stand-alone pediatric hospital in Tanzania. Its aim is to provide specialized pediatric care in a country where 22 million children are under the age of 15 (around 45% of the total population), and for whom these services were unavailable until now.

The project is under the auspices of International Health Partners, a non-governmental non-profit organization formed by the Lofstroms to facilitate partnerships from all over the world with Tanzania to improve health care. In their heart-felt presentation, Denny and Paula will talk about the needs of the Tanzanian people and their own spiritual, mental, professional and geographic journey which has sustained them and brought them to opening The Children’s Hospital at Zinga and keeps them moving forward.

Along with education and inspiration, the Lofstroms will also bring Tanzanian handicrafts to admire. You may consider purchasing them as a way of raising funds in support of the facility. Thanks to Pr. Dick and Pam Landeen for arranging for the Lofstroms to be with us.