A Good Opportunity

So, here’s a good opportunity. But when we think about it, we have opportunities available on a regular basis. An opportunity for what?

Inviting someone to be with us. Maybe it would be to join us at the park. Would they want to help with one of our Bethlehem booths? It could be an invitation to a very special night of Advent lessons and carols, followed by the sight of a young woman with live candles on her head!

What about a time away on Wednesdays in the Chapel – away from the season’s busy-ness for a brief reading, prayer, Advent song and Holy Communion?

Or even, especially Christmas Eve. To hear the story of God arriving to the fanfare of lowing barn animals and the murmur of shepherds who heard from angels.

Throughout this letter are opportunities for inviting, bringing a friend to experience God-with-us, God among us. Just invite. Let the Spirit do the rest.