Reformation Sunday: It’s Not for Everybody

For Lutheran Christians Reformation Day is October 31 [and you thought it was just for Spider boys and Frozen girls!]. It is the day Martin Luther nailed those theses to the parish door in Wittenberg and ignited what we call the Reformation in the Lord’s Church.

But not all groups of Christians observe this day. We Lutheran Christians, however, have for ages used the nearest Sunday to draw attention to this time and even use the same scripture passages each year as well. Jeremiah proclaiming how God will make with us a new covenant; Paul declaring that following the law doesn’t justify or make us right with God, grace does; our Lord stating that as we continue as his disciples, we will know the truth and the truth will make us free.

We need reminding of these things. In fact, isn’t that why we worship regularly in the first place? God is worthy of our worship, and you and I need to be reminded regularly what we believe and why.

Otherwise, this all too possessive world will take us captive, turn us in on ourselves, make us think we are at the center.

Our blessed Lord is always reaching out to us, reforming his church and seeking to form our hearts to his ways. Listen carefully during our Live Generously stewardship emphasis, and you will hear more of the changes the Spirit works in us as we Live in the freedom of a Generous God.

So, get ready for Sunday, October 28! Sure, a Reformation Sunday observance may be more of a Lutheran Christian tradition. But who could argue with roots that sink deeply into the rich soil of the gospel of a grace-giving God who sets us free to live in faith.