Tell It On Missouri Electronic Sign Moves Forward

We have received the funds needed to construct our electronic messaging sign on Missouri Avenue.

We have signed the contract with Thomas Signs and are now completing the paperwork necessary to submit the design to the city of Largo for permitting. At this time, we do not have a projected starting date for construction, but when we do, we will share it with everyone.

Thank you for your gifts toward this project. Our hope is that the sign will not only help our local friends to identify this place as Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, (it is surprising how many folks over the years have driven by and not realized we are “a church”), but we see the sign as a channel for communicating who we are and for sharing the ministries in our Lord that we are carrying out here.

From the very occasional newspaper ad to consistent daily word of mouth conversations, to our website and social media posts, we want to share with all how we believe our Lord is at work in and through us at PoP.