4th Annual Earth Day Garden Giveaway!


Once your wonderful plants and seedlings have been nurtured and have had time to grow and develop, bring them back to PoP for our big Earth Day Plant Give-Away Celebration (check the box below for set-up and Giveaway dates)! Your prized plants will be offered to a good home. A special thanks to Ruth’s Promise for working hard to fill over 50 containers of dirt and to our High School Youth for rolling up their sleeves to help make this year’s event a success!

SETUP & DROP-OFF ONLY: April 21, 10am-12pm
UPCOMING PLANT GIVEAWAY DATES: April 22, 10am-12:30pm | April 25, 5:30pm-7:30pm | April 29, 10am-12:30pm

“Shoppers” – Come Celebrate God’s Creations!

On a “Giveaway Date,” pick a favorite plant or flower that one of our many talented gardeners have nurtured – they are free to a good home!

Contact Nancy for more: 727.564.7097


Help us celebrate Earth Day! Celebrate God’s beautiful plants while helping to raise funds for PoP High School Youth’s journey to the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, TX.

The PoP Green is partnering with Ruth’s Promise and our high school youth to celebrate Earth Day 2018. We’ll need all green thumbs and your help to make this year’s Garden Giveaway the best! Let’s rejoice in God’s beauty and practice being good stewards of the Earth while sharing the joy of gardening.

Pick up a prepared pot of soil from PoP and take it home to plant your favorite cutting or seedlings. Plantings may be edible or ornamental. Pick up pots of soil from PoP on these dates: March 14 & March 18.