Consecration Day is October 22nd


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For several weeks we have heard and read some stories – some wonderfully inspiring stories of how we learned to give. It just doesn’t come naturally. Somewhere, someone in our lives gave us some instructions – either intentionally or without even realizing the marvelous teacher she or he was being. So, it is indeed a good question to ask ourselves. How did you learn to give?

Next Sunday, October 22 is our Consecration Sunday. At both services we will present our intentions for giving to the Lord from all that the Lord has given us. Our gifts of energy and talent, skills and creativity, finances and time we prayerfully plan to give in our ministries in Christ here at PoP. We serve the Lord here and out from here into the community all around us each day and, even further, to the places in the world where our finances and quilts and gifts of food and prayer go to support the work of Christ. Through our partners in ministry in the Florida Bahamas Synod, the ELCA and even others, we are blessed to touch many lives.

In the coming week you will receive by mail a Time/Talent inventory as a way of helping you assess how you may serve our Lord here at PoP. There will also be an Estimate of Giving card to record your financial giving goals for the new year in our work in Christ. Pray about them when you receive them.  Pray about how the Spirit is inspiring your own part in our Lord’s work. Then bring them to worship next week. We will present them at worship by laying them in a basket at the foot of the altar. We will then pray God’s multiplying and blessing of these gifts God has already given to us and that we now have the blessing of returning a portion.

Thank you for your stories. They are so inspiring! Keep sharing them.

“…they gave themselves first to the Lord and, then by the will of God, to us…”

II Corinthians 8:3