“How Did You Learn to Give?” – Your Stories

For several weeks, we have been asking for stories. It all stems from the day that a group was meeting to discuss our stewardship emphasis. As we were sharing our own experiences, this question popped out.

It is a good one for all of us to consider!  Maybe a family member set the example. Maybe a friend invited you to come along and give yourself to a project or to a friend or family in need. Surely, lots of this kind of giving took place in the wake of the recent storm.

Yes, when we say “giving” we mean our time, our energy, our abilities, and yes, our finances, too. After all, hasn’t God given us everything?

The source of all we have and are is our Lord.  Scripture brims over with examples of how God gives so faithfully. Each of us daily and all of us as a community of Christ followers are blessed to turn aside regularly to ponder our Lord’s giving.

So why not ponder how WE learned to give! Who taught you? Whose example did you follow and are you following to this day? It may be from childhood or from not so long ago.

For the next few weeks we will be hearing and reading stories during worship from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about how they learned to give.  Our youth will be helping us to think about it in a very special way on one of those Sundays, too!

Sunday, October 22 will be our Consecration Day when we will bring forward our time, abilities and financial promises for the new year. It is a blessed day of prayer and thanksgiving for the way our Lord provides and how in response we may give. You will receive more information in the mail.

And if you have a story you would like to share, inspire us! Send it to the Kari Sheppard at ksheppard@me.com or drop it by the Church Office.

“…they gave themselves first to the Lord and, then by the will of God, to us…” – II Corinthians 8:5