How Did You Learn to Give?

It’s a question that arose naturally in a meeting of church folk discussing what God has given us. Have you ever thought about it?

Are we talking about money? Yes, but really, anything we have that we consider “ours,” whether money, our time, abilities or elbow grease.

Scripture brims over with examples of how God gives so generously. But, for all of us who give, it’s good to turn aside and consider how we learned to do so. It is also good to hear one another’s stories, because God’s work in each of our lives can be inspiring for all of us.

Did a relative teach you – overtly or by example?  Was it a friend?  How did that happen?  Could have been a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, a teacher from school or your neighbor. How old were you? Was it an epiphany? Are you still learning? Why is it memorable for you?

Oh, and as you are pondering, here’s one more question…

What do you know about giving that you wish you had known when you were younger?

Inspire us all. Jot down your story and send it to Kari Sheppard at Or, drop it by the Church Office.

Your Stewardship Task Group, Kim Adams, Frankie Rogers, Kari Shepherd and Pr. Joe, will be sharing these stories with everyone during October.

How Did You Learn to Give?

“…they gave themselves first to the Lord and, then by the will of God, to us…”

II Corinthians 8:5

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