Ash Wednesday is March 1st

AW1.5For centuries, Ash Wednesday has served as the overture for the 40-day season of Lent. Ash Wednesday calls us to speak a first utterance of what will be a season-long prayer of confession.

What begins on this day ends at long last with a communal word of absolution on Maundy Thursday in April.

At Prince of Peace,

we observe Ash Wednesday worship twice: 11AM & 7PM. After petitions of confession, we will hear God’s word for us and share a meal of our Lord’s mercy. We will also receive the cleansing ashen mark of the cross on our foreheads, calling to mind the brevity of our lives and the immensity of God’s grace. Come on this day, and let us begin this blessed season of Lent together as we experience the solemn gift of Ash Wednesday.