Prayer Around the Cross, February 8th

Wednesday Evening at 7:07pm

Last fall, we experienced this unique time of quiet prayer together as a close to our Wednesday evening.  Following our meal and learning time on this night, we will join in prayer in the sanctuary.

Each day wherever we are, we offer to God our prayers. When we are together in worship on Sundays, we lift our voices in prayers and praises, making a joyful noise to the Lord even as scripture encourages us.

Sometimes it may be good for us to experience prayers and praises another way. With all of the harsh noise all around us and within, times together listening in the evening stillness can surely inspire our spirits.

Prayer around the cross is a time of prayer, scripture reading, song and silence. In this 20-minute worship time, we will gather around an illuminated cross, hear brief passages, pray aloud and in our hearts and experience the silence of prayerful moments with sisters and brothers in Christ.