Art for Faith’s Sake Presents Bach’s Cantata No. 80: Celebrating Reformation’s 500th


October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing 95 theses [points of debate] to the door of the Wittenberg church. This act and many more helped to fuel what history has come to call the Reformation. The church is “semper reformanda,” so went the slogan back then [the church is always reforming].


We will be commemorating the 500-year-old event and considering its impact on the Lord’s Church in various ways over the next 12 months.  Our observances begin now with two unique offerings.

In the narthex is a display of significant folk art owned by our John Hayner. The works give us an overview of Luther’s life in a fascinating way. These artistic treasures will be available for us all to appreciate for several weeks.

On Reformation Sunday, October 30 at 3 PM, our choir along with the Bach choir of Clearwater will perform J.S. Bach’s Cantata No. 80 “Ein Feste Burg” [A Mighty Fortress]. We will have soloists and orchestra joining us for this marvelous concert.  Invite friends to come for this first Art For Faith’s Sake offering of the season.