The New Three T’s of Stewardship


A New Way of Looking at Things

Recently, in our devotion time at the start of the Congregation Council meeting, I related something I remembered from childhood. Offering time. We had talked of memories of church, and for whatever reason I remembered the little envelope. Little envelopes for little people. I recall how I squeezed a dime out of my dime bank, slipped it in and licked the envelope, tasting the glue for the next hour.

I developed that habit because the church gave me the envelopes, and my parents delivered a regular example and weekly reminders. When the brass plate came around on Sunday, like everybody else, I dropped in my envelope.  I could not receive communion yet [the old days], but I could give from what God had given me.

And I still can. But will I? My mother still lives and continues to be an example. The church still provides envelopes. The church also sends sheets asking me about my time and my talents. Here comes the reminder that God is the source of ALL that I have, so…What will I do with it? How might we use what we have for the Lord – to honor the Giver, Creator, Savior, Sustainer?

Often during a stewardship emphasis, we hear about the 3 T’s – time, talent, treasure – for obvious reasons. But during our October 2016 stewardship emphasis beginning Sunday, October 2, we are going to hear about a new or different 3 T’s – thankfulness, trust, transformation. With all our blessings from God, we walk in thankfulness each day.  We learn to trust the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our understanding [to paraphrase Proverbs]. And in this blessed journey of faith with all God gives and with all God’s people, we know that we are being transformed each day into the disciples of Christ we were baptized to be.

Thankfulness, trust, transformation.