Sunday School Registration Day

Sunday, August 21st at 10am
We’re officially kicking off fall Sunday School! Children (6th grade and under) will gather in the new Learning Center. This will be an opportunity to register for Sunday School while also celebrating the start of a new year. Let’s break in the new space before heading to our regular classrooms on August 28th!

Sunday Class Snapshot

Faith & Film
Faith & Film is our new Sunday morning class for 7th – 12th graders. Over the course of three-four weeks, we will watch a feature film split into 30-minute segments. Each week, we will discuss the movie and its relevancy to our faith and scripture. Seem like something you might also enjoy, parents? There will also be an adult class reviewing and discussing the same movie. This may even give you opportunities to talk with your youth about our concurrent Sunday morning discussions. Our first movie will begin on August 28th. Don’t forget to grab some freshly popped popcorn on the way in!

Amos and Hosea: Boundaries, Tough Love and Amazing Grace
What more appropriate prophets for our day than Amos and Hosea! Each man found himself challenging the injustices of his day as the Spirit of the living God inspired him. “But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” They called out about the injustices and waywardness of God’s people with language that conjures up images and pictures that capture our imaginations 2500 years later. Join us for a stimulating walk with Amos and Hosea!