The New Learning Center

And now that the parking lot is beginning to look like its new normal, you may also be wondering about the new Learning Center (LC). By the time you receive this newsletter, the LC will be very close to completion. Of course, the City will weigh in with inspections, and we don’t know how long that will take.

But since school isn’t out until June 7th and Vacation Bible School begins June 20th, we may not be able to make the move from the Community Outreach Center (COC) to the LC until July. And there are many more issues to consider as we plan some refurbishing work for the COC.

A Transition Task Group with several teams will now oversee the transition of our campus when the construction process is complete. Former Council president, Charlie Salemi, will lead this effort with the help of MANY of us along the way. Our goals are to make the transition of children’s ministries from one building to the other; landscape the old playground area to be a welcoming center of the campus; and to carry out much needed cosmetic refurbishment to the COC.

THANK YOU for all your patience and encouragement as we have watched our God-given resources transformed before our eyes. We do not yet have a date for dedication, but we will make sure EVERYONE knows as soon as we are able to set that time.