Easter: From Creation to Re-creation

It slips up on us each year. “You mean Christmas is only 2 weeks away?” we ask, incredulous that time has passed so quickly. We say the same about the new year, a graduation, a birthday – especially the ones where a child now looks us in the eye or down at us.

Holy Week and Easter come unexpectedly, too. And when they are packed into the windy month of March, they are particularly surprising. We are pondering forgiveness during Lent, as we recall that the God who is “gracious and merciful” has made our forgiveness indelible through the cross of Christ Jesus. That divine and precious work opens the floodgates for us to have life anew. By the cross God inspires in us a willingness to bend our knees in service to others, all so our loving Lord is glorified and honored.

Holy Week & Easter Worship
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Sunday of the Passion, March 20th @ 8:45am & 11am | From a joyous procession with palms, our worship moves to the passion story of our Lord. Breakfast is served at 10am.
Holy Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (March 21-23) follows with Quiet Holy Communion at noon each day: a spoken service of Holy Communion with prayer, scripture reading, and brief meditation.
Maundy Thursday, March 24th @ 7:30pm | Maundy Thursday begins what is known in the Church Year as the Triduum – The Three Days. Holy Communion with the stripping of the altar.
Good Friday, March 25th at Noon & 7:30pm | Noon | Reading of the Passion Noon: is the hour of our Lord’s crucifixion. We gather for brief prayer, song and meditation upon the passion account according to John. 7:30PM | Solemn Service of Tenebrae: After prayer, song and a sobering word from the prophet Isaiah, we hear the very traditional account from John recalling our Lord’s suffering and death for our sin and the sin of all the world. With each passage, we sing a refrain and pray while candles are extinguished, until the sanctuary is dark. Only votive candles cast light upon a large cross laid in the chancel.
The Great Vigil of Easter, March 26th @ 7:30pm | We gather by a fire outdoors, waiting to hear the stories of God’s creative, saving work. After lighting the new Paschal Candle, we move into a darkened sanctuary to ponder the story of our salvation: God’s mighty work in our Lord’s incarnation, passion, death and resurrection.
The Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter Day, March 27th | 8:45am & 11:00am | A blessed festival day! Festival choirs with brass, timpani, violin & bells. A glorious procession with cross, banner & torches. Jesus has been raised from the grave that we might fear death no more. Our Lord gives new life now!

Holy Week – from Palm/Passion Sunday through each blessed day – we hear the story through which we all are saved. It is a busy season and a full week.  Schools are even on spring break. But let us all carve out, set aside these special days and evenings to experience the goodness of God at work, from creation to re-creation. Bring friends to share in the mystery, power and joy of these holy days!

– Pr. Joe