Pictorial Church Directory

CameraCheese!We’re making preparations for our Church Pictorial Directory to be published.

UPDATED: Photos sessions for our Pictorial Church Directory continue this week! With our first scheduled week of photo sessions wrapped up, you have just a few days remaining to get that fantastic family or individual photo taken to be included in our latest Pictorial Church Directory.

PoP members who have not made appointments are urged to sign up as soon as possible for the current April 4-12 session (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 & 12).

Session 1: March 14-18 (COMPLETED)
Session 2: April 4-12

The directory will include names, addresses, home phone and cell numbers. If there are details that you do NOT want published (i.e. cell, home phone), please call Evelyn in the Church Office: 727.585.9969.

We’ll also need volunteers to assist with sign-up, phone calls to parishioners, and session scheduling. Training is provided – call us today! 727.585.9969