Yes, Construction Has Begun!

Now the PoP campus is ringing in the New Year with the “beep, beep” of heavy equipment digging trenches for drains and smoothing over the new entrance into the parking lot. Construction has begun! By the time you receive this newsletter, fencing around the site should be up, requiring us to take the new routes in and out of the campus.

Week by week we will see progress as the building rises out of the ground. Even though our back-and-forth with the City of Largo meant that we began the effort five months later than expected, it is truly an exciting way to end 2015 and leap into 2016!

Capital Appeal Update

Thanks be to God for the gifts that continue to come so steadily each month. We hope to continue that giving and even exceed the pledged amount, so that we may lessen the mortgage in the long run. If you are able to continue in this effort even after you reach your personal goal, thank you!

December Celebrate Chart Update