Epiphany Feast of Lights

The Epiphany of our Lord is a festival of the New Year that always falls on January 6. An epiphany is a revelation, and THE Epiphany is the Church day that marks the revelation of our Lord to the magi. A star guides the wise men from far away through the questioning grasp of Herod and to the child who was born king. Experience the music and reflect on this exciting night of worship!

20150106_19305180Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 7:00pm
Festival Music, Candlelight Worship & Carols of the Season

Prince of Peace welcomes all to join us for a festive night, commemorating the visit of the wise men with readings, tableau, and choir with Hammered dulcimer & double bass. A Wassail Party and reception in the Parish Hall follows this exciting night of worship.

For years Prince of Peace has celebrated this ancient day of the Church by drawing together the themes of Advent and Christmas. We call it FEAST OF LIGHTS! We tell the whole story from prophesies to shepherds, angels and the holy family, until the arrival of the long-traveled magi.

With the special music of a hammered dulcimer and double bass, our choir and costumed friends, we will mark this blessed beginning of a new year with the Epiphany. And we will pray for eyes to see how the Lord reveals his way for us today.

Invite and bring friends and come for this night’s worship and joyous reception following!