Pastor Adam Begins

Pastor Adam Buff will begin his work with us on January 25th. But before he arrives, he and Jennifer Potter will be pledging themselves to each other in marriage on January 2nd. Let us pray for them as they celebrate Christmas and their joyous day with family and friends.

On February 6th, Pastor Adam will be ordained at his home congregation in Raleigh, NC, just in time to leap right into Lent! We are grateful to God for our new partner in ministry here at Prince of Peace.

Once again we thank Terri Carmody, Randy Holm, Caroline Iusi, Jill Lonas, Bill Silberman and Margo Walbolt who served as the Call Committee and are even now organizing opportunities to meet Pastor Adam when he arrives. Keep an eye out for announcements about meetings in friends’ homes in January and February, where we may meet and talk with Pastor Adam.