Advent: A Season of Preparation

It is a season of preparation. Of hope. Advent with its blue highlights commands our attention, because we see it so infrequently – 4 weeks and gone. Yet, like the deep blue of an autumn or winter sky after the hazy days of other seasons, Advent blue raises our hopes of what is coming.

Advent blue draws us toward the one Hope, who goes before and with us. In the face of what has happened recently in Europe and what has been happening to so many folk throughout the Middle East for months and years, the longing for our Hope in Advent becomes that much more ardent.

By the time we enter December, we are already in the season. The Advent timepiece, the wreath of four candles, is already hung, a count-down time to the Christmas feast. We prepare in the season with lessons from John the Baptizer, and in fact will celebrate a baptism on December 6th. And there’s much more.

With cultural Christmas pressing its face at church windows and pushing our to-do lists to the max, we followers of Jesus have an opportunity to become truly counter-cultural. November and December always try to squeeze us into a mold that on the one hand can produce a light and joyful season of sentiment and festivities. But on the other hand, that mold can bring with it unreal expectations and even disappointment.

So, why not walk a different path in Advent – one that goes against the grain. Cultural Christmas [CC] will do its thing. It’s ok to flirt with CC. But as we look to the Christmas feast later in December, let’s try another way.

Instead, let’s devote ourselves to Advent waiting with prayer, hoping with great expectation, worshipping with song we experience no other place, and joining with others – the sisters and brothers in Christ – to prepare ourselves for all the Lord’s coming in our lives. And let’s not forget to ask others to be counter-cultural with us.

-Pr. Joe-

Midweek Advent Worship | Wednesdays at NOON


Midweek worship during Advent is a blessed time of getting away – from the crowds on the roads and in the stores or perhaps from our crowded schedules that stretch us ever so thin. We gather in the chapel for a quiet time of prayer, scripture, meditation and Holy Communion. We will even sing a song of the Advent season.

In this brief time breaking into the middle of the day, we may listen for the voice of the One who comes into our lives.  Bring a friend and come away with sisters and brothers to worship the One who makes every season possible.