Wednesday Together Resumes!

20140315_09110820Wednesdays Together Planning Cooking Crew Meeting
August 19th | 4pm in Parish Hall
“Many hands make light work” – the old saying goes. As summer Wednesdays in the Park comes to a close, we’ll begin planning for our 26th year of Wednesdays Together! Do you enjoy working in the kitchen, being an extra set of hands, cooking, cleaning, serving or dish-washing? Then we have the perfect place just for you! If you have a few hours to help each Wednesday, come to our planning meeting. Contact Faye, George, or Jim for more information:
20130309_121218-LWednesdays Together Resumes!
August 26th | 5:30pm in Parish Hall

It all started 26 years ago as a trial run to support our Wednesday Evening Confirmation, the Alleluia Children’s Choir, and our adult class. PoP staff organized the first dinner, set the table, served spaghetti and even washed the dishes! We hoped to serve a little more than 25 people and ended up serving nearly 60! Our trial event has turned into a ministry of family, friendship, fellowship and Christian education. But it’s YOU – our volunteers – who have served and continue to serve this ministry to make it all possible. Thanks be to God!

Bring your family, invite friends, and share in fellowship!
Child’s Meal $2.50 | Adult’s Meal $5.00