Adult Education

Our fall study of Exodus and of the topic of exodus continues into November. On Sundays we are walking through the Old Testament book Exodus, pondering everything from Israel freed from Egypt to the commandments given in the wilderness. In November on Wednesday, we’ll consider what it means to be a refugee today, even as our study of those Israelite refugees continues. Join us on Sundays and Wednesdays to learn and grow, deepening your faith in study with the brothers and sisters.


Exodus: Gateway to the Bible

The book of Exodus, called the source book of the Bible, initiates great themes of the faith: salvation and revelation, promise and fulfillment, covenant and community. In our study we will see that the covenant relationship between God and people echoes throughout the whole Bible. Anchoring us in the testimony of scripture, the study will strengthen and enrich, enliven and inform our faithful living today.
We meet in the Chapel. Come, join with other newcomers to this study!


Immigration, Children, and Faith

A look into immigration through the lens of history and the Bible. Come and participate as we look into our own immigration story and that of others to the U.S. We will ask ourselves the question: How we — should we — view the immigration of children through faith?