Worship Schedule

The mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is to proclaim and share the good news of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ. We invite you to fellowship with us through worship and service.

PoP Schedule of Worship

Sundays of Pentecost | 8:45am & 11:00am

On the fiftieth day of Easter, we celebrate the Spirit, through whom and in whom the people of God are created and re-created – with talk of fire, wind, and Jesus’ followers speaking in all manner of languages not their own.

The Second Sunday after Pentecost begins what is often referred to as the long green season of the Church year (note the green color in the sanctuary). With the major cycles of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost behind us, we begin a period of exploring in scripture this faith into which we are baptized.

Reformation Sunday, October 25th | 8:45am & 11:00am

On this day we celebrate the heart of our faith: the gospel of Christ – the good news – that makes us free! We pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to unite the church today in its proclamation and witness to the world. In the waters of baptism we are made one body; we pray for the day that all Christians will also be one at the Lord’s table.

Join the festive celebration featuring brass instruments, percussion and Festival Choir. At the heart of the reform movement was the gospel, the good news that it is by grace through faith that we are justified and set free in Christ Jesus.

All Saints’ Sunday, November 1st | 8:45am & 11:00am

All Saints’ Day is a festival of the Church stretching back approximately 1,100 years. The day provides us a time to recognize all of the saints who have died in Christ in the past year. We are all baptized into the one body of our Lord, a oneness that surpasses death. This festival day is also a day for baptizing and celebrating the gift of our Lord. We rejoice as our youth affirm their baptisms at 11:00AM worship.

On All Saints’ Sunday, we include in our bulletin the names of all who have died in the past year for whom we offer prayers of thanksgiving. We also include and pray for new sisters and brothers in Christ who have been baptized into the body of Christ this year. Please write on the attendance insert the names of friends you would like to include, or you may contact the Church Office in the next week.


We celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday at 8:45am and 11:00am. We affirm our Lord’s presence in, with and under each element of the Sacrament. All baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord’s table.

Also enjoy:

  • Childcare provided on Sunday morning
  • Sound enhancement for hearing impaired
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Large Print worship materials
  • Music
  • Weekly Scripture Readings
  • Education for all ages at 10:00 a.m.