Sunday & Wednesday Classes

Sundays During the Education Hour

So where does what we hear and see in the news and in our world intersect with what we know from scripture? How do we view what goes on through the lens of scripture? The Wired Word helps us to consider contemporary situations even as we grow in our understandings of what God is showing us in the written Word. Each week it is a different topic. Join us for the conversation. There will be a variety of leaders.

Wednesdays: Holy Week Preview Class

Holy Week – the span of days from Palm/Passion Sunday through Easter Sunday – is the most ancient time of observance for Christians in the faith. It is the very center of the Church Year and began coming together in the earliest days of the Church. During Lent we will get a preview. With the help of scripture, video, hymns and a little history, we will consider each day of Holy Week. When we arrive at that door on Sunday March 25, we will be ready to walk this blessed pathway together. See you in the COC on Wednesdays!

Wednesdays During Lent: Being Church in 2018

Responsive Prayer at NOON | Evening Prayer at 7PM

Some people refer to the United States as a Christian nation. While you may or may not agree with that statement, being a part of church was long thought to be a mark of that claim.

But more and more today we hear comments from friends, colleagues, and neighbors like: “Why be a part of church? Church people are just like everybody else. They gossip and talk down about other people. They are no different.”

Many of us know folk who have never entered a church door. All they know of church is what they see in the news, in TV or movies or in what they have soaked up from Christians around them. “Christians always seem to complain about everything.  They are so critical.”  And what they see around them isn’t always so pleasant.

Take a poll about Church at a local mall, and you might hear folk comment, “I’m spiritual. I’m just not religious.” Or, “I don’t have anything to do with organized religion. All they want is your money.”  Or even, “I could worship God anywhere, if I wanted to. I don’t need a church.”

Here at Prince of Peace, with our vision statement we attempt to state how we understand what church looks like for us.

Prince of Peace is a community of Christian disciples nourished, equipped and inspired through the gifts of God and sent out in mission where God calls us each day.

But how do we “Be Church” in a world around us among folk who knows nothing of the church or sometimes don’t appear to be interested or may be outright hostile toward the idea?

For the weeks of Lent during Midday and Evening Prayer, let us ponder how to “Be Church” in 2018.

Being Church in 2018 – Lesson Topics

Wednesday, February 21:       Christian Disciples
I’m spiritual. I’m just not religious.

Wednesday, February 28:       Nourished
Church people are just like everybody else.

Wednesday, March 7:       Equipped
I don’t have anything to do with organized religion.

Wednesday, March 14:       Inspired
Christians always seem to complain about everything.

Wednesday, March 21:         Sent Out
I could worship God anywhere, if I wanted to.
I don’t need a church.


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