Sunday & Wednesday Classes

An Overview of Learning & Education Classes Together


Adult Learning Opportunities

The Reformers | For several weeks, we will learn of other men whose influence in the reformation period helped turn the church in new directions. In August we will be considering the work of John Wycliffe and Jan Hus. From Oxford to Prague these early reformers active in our Lord’s Church faced stiff opposition, but they were strong voices advocating the centrality of scripture. Let’s learn more of these men who lived decades before Luther’s birth.
Reformation Roots | What prompted Martin Luther to take the stand that he did? Who were the people who influenced him? Who opposed him? And what about those other “reformations?” In this series we will learn more of our own Lutheran roots and discover how the other branches of our Lord’s Church started to grow.


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Rally Day! August 13th at 10am

The entire congregation is invited to gather in the Hall as we prepare for our fall educational opportunities. Come and learn about the classes that will be offered for children, youth and adults throughout the year. As we observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we’ll explore the roots of its happening and what it has meant for the church ever since. Come learn more through Reformation-themed crafts for children and activities for adults!

Fall Sundays Begin

Fall Sunday School Kicks Off on August 20th

We’re officially kicking off fall Sunday School! With our new Sunday School classes beginning August 20th we’re looking forward to new learning opportunities, discussions and fellowship.